Product Description

With outstanding tone and touch in a 114cm frame, the K200 offers the dependability and character needed to please any performing pianist from the novice to the seasoned professional.

As with earlier models, the K-200 includes Kawai’s excellently designed ABS technology – ABS-Carbon – that combines their revolutionary ABS with carbon fibre. This composite not only increases the strength of the parts within the piano – reportedly 90% stronger than traditional wooden parts – but it also had the added bonus of making them significantly lighter. Therefore, the pianist is able to produce more explosive power with every stroke – as well as performing deft techniques at lightning speed – whilst applying minimum physical effort. This is Kawai’s Millennium Action III technology.

To improve the playing experience of their pianos and meet the demands of highly skilled pianists, Kawai has pored over the smallest adjustments. One example can be seen in the addition of microscopic surface texture on the jack, at the point where it meets the hammer. The jack is made out of carbon and polyacetal – which is far more sensitive and responsive than a traditional wooden jack – giving the player significantly greater dynamic control.

At the heart of the piano is the impressive straight-grained, quarter-sawn, solid spruce soundboard. Each piece has been hand-selected with extreme care, and must pass their rigorous testing procedure before being used in the construction of the K-200. The soundboard transfers the instructions from the keys with absolute precision, the utmost clarity and total articulation.

The resilient key surfaces are feature acrylic/phenol, which respond beautifully during each performance, returning to its original position with impeccable timing. The keys are weighted, balanced and adjusted according to hammer size, so that an even touch and feel is assured across the keyboard. Each key-top offers a smooth surface area to play on, whilst absorbing perspiration and natural oils to prevent unwanted slipping during a performance.

Great care has been taken to deliver a finished product of exceptional quality. The height of the piano stands at a mere 113.5cm (45 inches), which allows the piano to fit discreetly into any environment, whilst producing the fullest and richest timbre possible. The K-200 has additional features such as the “Soft Fall” fallboard, which has a dual-damping mechanism to protect player’s hands and the piano’s finish. There is also an extended music stand that allows you to spread out and display more sheet music whilst you’re practicing or performing.

The K-200 is completed in a polished ebony finish for a sophisticated and elegant look, which is sure to compliment its surroundings perfectly.