Product Description

The P116 delivers a superb sound quality while remaining compact in appearance. In many ways this is due to the magnificent cabinetry, spruce soundboard and back posts all crafted to European preferences,

P Series pianos are mid-range models with high-end quality and features. Despite their affordability, these pianos are built with Yamaha’s care and attention to detail. Therefore resulting in excellent tonal reproduction and great playability. Furthermore the sensitive and quick responsiveness of the Yamaha keyboard really makes this an action mechanism that is a joy to play.

Width 152cm
Height 116cm
Depth 58cm
Weight 213kg
Control Interface
Number of Keys 88

The P116 is available in a choice of finishes.  Polished ebony with brass fittings, polished ebony with chrome fittings, polished white with brass fittings or polished white with chrome fittings.

What we say about the P116:

The Yamaha P116 takes you to the next level of craftsmanship and tonal characteristics. With the compact design it can fit into a lot of small spaces and looks extremely elegant. Furthermore you have this wonderful european sound to enrich your living space and lives.