CLP625PE Yamaha Clavinova Polished Ebony Digital Piano
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CLP625PE Yamaha Clavinova Polished Ebony Digital Piano *Re-Conditioned*

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This is a Re-Conditioned by Yamaha CLP625. It includes a full 5 year Yamaha warranty, all original accessories and comes fully assembled and installed. Further images can be obtained from us by emailing us at

The Yamaha CLP 625 is the first model in the brilliant Clavinova series of digital pianos. Enjoy the experience of having the Yamaha CFX and Bosendorfer Imperial grand pianos at your fingertips. When choosing a digital piano, the first thing you consider is the quality of the piano sound. By recording the sounds from the Yamaha CFX and Bosendorfer Imperial grand pianos, the CLP625 grand piano sound becomes reality. This is achieved by selecting a single piano for each sample, and then allowing the master piano technician to use his skills and tune it to the finest possible standard. The sounds are then recorded in meticulous detail, resulting in an amazing piano tone.

The Yamaha CLP625PE Clavinova has an incredibly realistic keyboard feel that recreates the sensation of playing an acoustic instrument. Yamaha achieve this by using a similar hammer mechanism (with no springs) as that found in a grand piano. This mechanism is called the GH3X keyboard action and does accurately reproduce the touch of an acoustic instrument. It also features a three-sensor configuration. This accurately senses and interprets the behaviour of the pianist, to create a response and feel very much like that of a grand piano.

In addition the CLP625 hast a library of impressive Voices including, electric pianos and organs. Enjoy the freedom to choose the ideal Voice for the style of music you want to play. Furthermore the CLP625 reproduces the gentle, tactile surface of the ivory keyboards once used in only the finest pianos. It features highly-absorbent material that prevents fingers from slipping even after hours of performing, while retaining the ideal texture and feel.

The beautifully designed polished ebony cabinet and chrome pedals really give the CLP625PE a traditional shaped look, but with a modern and tasteful twist. Furthermore the book holders fitted to the music desk really help to keep you on the right page. The simple control panel to the left hand side also stops the piano from looking cluttered. If you want to practice in silent, simply plug in a set of headphones, and play at any time. This is a digital piano that will fit into a small room or space and still look great.

What we say about the CLP625PE:

The Yamaha CLP625 Clavinova with its nicely balanced action a high quality piano sample, it is exceptional value. The modern style to the cabinet along with the fitted sliding key cover, make sure it will complement any room.

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