The Barnes & Mullins Albert BJ350G Open Back 5 String Banjo is an authentic “old time” banjo. Made using a walnut rim, mahogany neck with rosewood fret board, coupled with chrome hardware, this banjo is perfect for sweet bluegrass or country shred whilst emulating it’s ancestors in both appearance and sound.

Open back banjos have a more mellow tone and softer sound when compared to their resonator backed counterparts.

What we say about the BJ350G

The Albert is a lovely sounding and very smart looking banjo. More mellow and a lot less twangy than a resonator backed banjo, the warm tone is rarer amongst 5 string banjo players. Though what gain in warmth you lose in volume as is to be expected without a resonator attached. Perfect for those who wish to play 5 string bluegrass without busting the bank.