Product Description

The Barnes & Mullins BJ400E Rathbone 5 String Electric Banjo is a handsome banjo with great tonal properties. Named after Rathbone Place, the London home of Messrs Barnes and Mullins in the early 1900s, it is of a traditional construction with a mahogany resonator and a striking Remo-made Black head.

In a break from tradition, this Rathbone model is equipped with a Humbucking pickup beneath the Remo head, the volume from which is controllable from a single knob on the side of the instrument. The output from the pickup is through a single jack socket at the base of the instrument.

This model is also available without an electronic pickup system. Please see: BJ400E

What we say about the BJ400E

The Rathbone is a great mid-range banjo with a unique dark aesthetic. It is great for playing a variety of musical styles including, but now limited to, bluegrass,  jazz, gospel and trad. Equipped with a pickup allows this model to excel in live performances with ease.