The Brunswick BU5CE Concert Electro ukulele is a great uke for those who want something nicer than the bog standard without breaking the bank. This ukulele is where novelty stops and more serious musicality can begin. Furthermore, this means that beginners and some more experienced players can get an affordable ukulele that sounds good, plays very nicely and has solid tuning stability. Also, having the ability to plug in and play allows you to match any instrument on stage.

Made with a mahogany veneer and white binding, the BU5CE also comes with a rosewood fret board and bridge. Supplied with undersaddle piezo pickup and side mounted preamp. The result is a handsome, practical ukulele without being overly-flashy.

This model is available without a pickup in soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone sizes.

What we say about the BU5CE

We thoroughly enjoy this ukulele. The BU5CE is perfect for anyone planning to play any live even and even the home musician looking for a ukulele that can be plugged in. It’s both handsome and comfortable to play.