UBJ1 Barnes & Mullins Banjo Ukulele

UBJ1 Barnes & Mullins Banjo Ukulele

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A great little Banjo Ukulele from Barnes and Mullins, a famous name when it comes to the manufacturing of folk instruments.


The Barnes and Mullins UBJ1 Banjo Ukulele is a beautiful  instrument. Barnes and Mullins started making banjos in 1894 and the UBJ1 follows the tradition of many banjo-ukes before it. You will find the scale and stringing of the UBJ1 to be the same as a ukulele. This results in an unmistakably Ukulele Banjo in both tone, feel and also appearance. Furthermore, many of the original Barnes and Mullins banjos remain sought after today, with collectors seeking them out all over the world.


Style: Ukulele Banjo
Neck: Mahogany
Resonator: Mahogany
Bridge: Maple with Rosewood Tip
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Rim: Mahogany
Bracket Qty: 12
Head: Remo Coated
Machineheads: Open Gear

What we say about the UBJ1:

Barnes and Mullins are specialist when it comes to folk instruments. Therefore it comes as no surprise to say that this banjo ukulele is a little cracker.



The banjo ukulele will be sent with the bridge unattached for self positioning. This is purely for the safety of the instrument to prevents damage to the skin in transit.


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