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Champion Brass Cleaner CHBC50

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Champion Brass Cleaner CHBC50

Champion Brass Cleaner has been specially formulated to safely clean and replenish the finish of your brass instrument.

Available to order in a retail display box containing 6 bottles.

Developed and made in the UK, this essential cleaning solution is non-hazardous and pleasantly fragranced. Applying a small amount removes grease, blemishes and finger marks and helps restore your trumpet, trombone, cornet and other brass instruments to their original sparkling glory.

Directions for use:

Squeeze a small, pea-sized amount of Champion Brass Cleaner onto a clean, microfibre cloth. Carefully rub into the required area, wiping with a fresh cloth afterward. You will soon see your instrument gleaming once more. Replace lid after use.

As part of Champion and Barnes & Mullins’ commitment to reducing our environmental impact in a practical and sustainable way, Champion Brass Cleaner is bottled in 100% recycled post-consumer PET plastic bottles with labels printed on recycled paper stock. The display boxes are produced in a carbon balanced factory using carbon balanced material.

Made in the UK
50ml Bottle
European Safety Standard Compliant
Leaves no Residue
Press Bottle Cap
100% Recycled Post-Consumer PET Plastic Bottles
Carbon Balanced & Recycled Paper Materials