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6590GR Boho Generation D Whistle Paisley Pattern Green

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The 6590GR Boho D whistle is a brilliant new design from the famous Generation Music company. The Penny Whistle features a beautiful Green Paisley Pattern body and incorporates a hygienic plastic mouthpiece. Furthermore, accurate tuning, an easy response and also a full tone are at the heart of the Boho whistle. The Boho D Whistle was inspired by the musicians, artists, poets, beats & freaks, and the revolutionary energy that flowed through the streets of Greenwich Village, New York – the epicenter of the folk music revival of the 1960's. Generation have built up a worldwide customer base, a reputation for excellent business practice. They also have a talented, first class team who excel in the art of musical instrument and accessories production. The Tin whistle is also available in three, hip colour variants: Green Paisley Pattern (as main picture), Black Paisley Pattern and also Blue Paisley Pattern.
What we say about the 6590GR Boho D Whistle:
The Generation D Whistle is an inexpensive quality penny whistle/tin whistle from the fabulous Generation Music company. Beautifully finished in a Green Paisley Pattern with the plastic mouthpiece offering a hygienic and reliable performance at all times.