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709W Aulos Haka Treble Alto Recorder Includes Carry Bag

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The Aulos 709W Treble/Alto recorder comes as a 3 piece recorder constructed of highly resilient ABS plastic. This model is also sometimes known as "The haka" after the great craftsman Richard Haka from the 17th Century. This unique, high-quality alto recorder is based around the design of Richard Haka who built a new age of recorder in the 17th century. Bright, rich tone quality, excellent carrying power and broad, dynamic range. Dark brown; three-piece. Alto Recorders are some of the easiest recorders to learn to play. This due to the large size and fingering set up suitable for adult hands. All Aulos Alto recorders use Baroque (english) fingering unless otherwise noted. They also come with a simulated leather bag, cleaning rod, and fingering chart.
What we say about the 709w:
The Haka has proved to be an extremely popular Treble recorder with many customers purchasing and enjoying the tone and response from this recorder.