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ACC3534 Antoni Debut 3/4 Size Cello Outfit

Available To Order, But Not In Stock
The Antoni Debut ACC3534 3/4 size cello outfit is definitely worth a consideration as a first time cello purchase. It will be quite happy playing in rehearsal, in concert, in junior orchestra, in school or even at home. With a solid maple back, spruce belly and maple ribs, it certainly delivers a satisfying and sonorous tone. Furthermore the maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and ebony tuning pins finish of the detail which making this a solid performer. Fitted with Super Sensitive Red Label strings and provided with a high quality Brazilwood bow, the Antoni ACC35 Debut Cellois a star performer.
What we say about the Antoni Debut ACC3534:
If price is important as a first time purchase, then the Antoni ACC35 should fit the bill nicely. The ACC3534 3/4 size cello provides a good tone, well constructed and is great to play.