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AirBoard37 Hohner AirBoard 37 Note Melodica With Bag

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With the Hohner Melodica AirBoard37 you have a portable air powered keyboard instrument. With a cool appearance, striking padded travel bag and redesigned BlowFlow‚Ñ¢ mouthpiece, the AirBoard is for a new generation of musicians. The melodica is an incredibly versatile instrument. You‚'ve probably heard it countless of times in famous pop, rock, Jazz, and even Punk songs from all over the world. Invented by Hohner in the 1950s, the melodica combines the advantages of a wind instrument with the versatility of a piano key accordion. This makes it not just a popular beginner‚'s instrument, but also the instrument of choice for artists of all genres. You can play the Melodica with one hand or even both hands while remaining seated or standing up. This flexibility makes it perfect for stage shows just as much as in an orchestra. We offer a variety of melodicas for beginners as well as professionals. The AirBoard takes the Melodica to another level. You don't need a computer, cables or power source to enjoy playing this instrument. At it‚'s affordable price, anyone can grab an AirBoard and jam anywhere joining ukulele players, guitarists and other acoustic musicians. The AirBoard enables musicians to add a unique look and sound to their performances. The AirBoard design makes it ready for a new generation of musicians. Now, anyone can grab an AirBoard and jam with ukulele players, guitarists and other acoustic musicians in any location.
What we say about the AirBoard37:
The Hohner AirBoard Melodica produces a brilliant tone and is extremely light to carry around. With the 37 keyboard range and also the BlowFlow‚Ñ¢ mouthpiece, it really is an easy instrument to play and enjoy.