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APX500III Yamaha Natural Electro Acoustic Guitar

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The APX500III Natural is the latest electro acoustic model from Yamaha. The APX500 series has been one of the most popular electro acoustic guitars models for many years now. The mark III model has kept this tradition running and is one of our biggest selling guitars. The reason behind this huge success is the quality craftsmanship, along with excellent design and great electronics. The APX500 mark III model features an all new pickup systems resulting in a more powerful & dynamic tone. Furthermore the upgrade to the appearance combines an on stage attitude , but with a refined and timeless look. In addition the APX‚'s thin-line body combines incredible comfort and easy top-fret access. The sound also works perfectly on-stage with bright, clear mids, balanced highs and controlled lows. Specially designed non-scalloped X-type bracing allows the guitar‚'s top to sing and maximises the resonance of the unique body shape for a full, natural tone. With dynamics, sensitivity and clarity built into the design from day one, APX is a guitar not to be underestimated. The electronics feature a System 66 under-saddle piezo pickup developed by Yamaha. In addition the controls include a 3-band equalizer, an adjustable mid-range frequency control, and a precision chromatic tuner for optimum sound tailoring. Powered by easy to obtain AA-size batteries that provide a stable power supply for improved sound quality.
What we say about the APX500III:
The Yamaha APX series is a fantastic range of electro acoustic guitars with the 500 model as one of our most popular selling guitars. The thin body cutaway shape, make it great for on stage work or just a guitar to thoroughly enjoy playing either professionally or as an absolute beginner.