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B3PE Yamaha Polished Ebony Upright Piano

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B3PE Yamaha Polished Ebony Upright Piano

The B3PE is the largest of Yamaha's b series acoustic upright pianos. In addition to a larger frame and soundboard, the higher grade hammers also help produce the B3's powerful yet articulate characteristics. These are then coupled with a proven, high specification action design. The B3 out-performs pianos costing a great deal more. Yamaha achieved this by incorporated their traditional values as well as the latest production techniques.

The B Series, like all Yamaha pianos, is an instrument of extraordinary natural beauty, combining art, craftsmanship and technology; a pleasure to play and to own. Furthermore exemplifying Yamaha's well-established design principles, the B3 redefines the word value. As a result it undercuts lesser competitors whilst retaining Yamaha standards in every way, the B3 offers the joy of a new Yamaha piano ownership at a price that will astonish and delight.

  • 88 keys
  • 3 pedals (centre pedal: muffler)
  • Width: 152cm
  • Height: 121cm
  • Depth: 62cm
  • Weight: 237kg
  • Cabinet: Polished Ebony
  • Supplied in Polished Ebony finish as standard. Also available in the following colours: Polished White, Polished Mahogany, Open Pore Dark Walnut Satin, Satin Natural Cherry and Polished Ebony with Chrome Fittings. Stool supplied has black satin legs, black vinyl top and opens for some storage.
What we say about the B3PE:

Introducing the Yamaha B3 to the B Series range sees it approach professional standards. Still remaining true to the B Series' design philosophy of value and affordability.

Delivery Options:

We offer a FREE Ground Floor UK Mainland installation service for all Acoustic Upright & Grand Pianos. This also includes: Silent & Trans-Acoustic models. We fully install the piano inside the ground floor of your property, make sure the instrument is working and remove any packaging for recycling. All this is FREE, allowing you to relax while we do the hard work.

If you would like the piano delivered to an upstairs location (externally or internally) or are living on an island, please phone: 0141-572 6979 or email: info@biggars.co.uk, where we will be happy to offer you a quote for this service. We may ask you for some photographs of the location to provide a more accurate costing.