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Barnes & Mullins


Barnes & Mullins The Bowley BMUK01 Soprano Ukulele

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The Bowley BMUK01 by Barnes & Mullins is a handsome soprano ukulele with a vintage look and a bright tone, simply named after Mr S 'Bowley' Barnes. Using spruce throughout its construction, the Bowley has a crisp full sound. The setup and build design result in this ukulele feeling far more comfortable than the average soprano. Furthermore, to give it that vintage look the spruce is stained and left satin making anyone believe that it could have been made by Mr Barnes himself a century ago.
What we say about the BMUK01
This ukulele looks like it's from a different time but the sound is as modern as any. With a crisp and clear tone this ukulele is for the serious players who want to sound their best. For a solid body ukulele at this price, given the quality, the bargain is unbeatable.