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148 Xoana Burr Elm

Bugari Armando 148 Xoana Burr Elm 96 Bass Piano Accordion

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The Bugari Armando 148 Xoana 96 Bass Piano Accordion finished in a stunning Burr Elm Wood cabinet
This is an absolutely beautiful handmade Italian piano Accordion. Castelfidardo is a beautiful town in Italy, world famous for producing some of the finest accordions in the world. The Bugari Xoana Burr Elm model is testimony to that. The Xoana is gorgeous to look at. Finished in a stunning Burr Elm wood, you will be amazed at the detail used in making the cabinet, keys & couplers. Furthermore when it comes to producing the sound, the Italians certainly know a thing or two about achieving an outstanding reed tone. In addition the Bugari is compact in design and lightweight to play, weighing only 9.5Kg. Therefore you will enjoy hours of sheer pleasure and musicality. The Right hand features 34 treble keys with a 4 voice double octave set up, 9 treble registers and the tuning set at +8c The Left hand features a 96 bass with a 5 voice set up. It also has 5 bass registers. It comes complete with Bugari straps and case.
What we say about the Bugari Armando 148 Xoana Burr Elm 96 Bass Piano Accordion:
This is probably the most beautiful accordion we have ever had in our showroom. The tone is incredible and the looks.... well just simply stunning!!