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Biggars Music

Caregg Las

Caregg Las 15KW Anglo Chromatic Concertina

Available To Order, But Not In Stock
The Caregg Las is a 30 Note Anglo Chromatic Concertina. Featuring 15 buttons on each side and comes complete with padded Gig Bag. The anglo concertina came after the English System. It can feature two or three curved rows of buttons on each side and a wrist strap for support. Furthermore the anglo concertina plays different notes on the push and on the pull. The Caregg Las is capable of playing in two keys, with the third row being a collection of assorted accidentals that enable the skilled player to play in other keys. As a result the most common instrument is the C/G anglo, where the middle row plays the key of C and the inside row plays the key of G.
What we say about the Careg Las 30 Note Concertina:
This is a beautiful inexpensive concertina. The end panels are finished off in wood with beautiful sculpted patterns giving it a wonderful appearance. In addition the padded gig bag supplied with the concertina allows you to keep it safe at home or while traveling to lessons or gigs.