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CHCTROM1 Champion Trombone Case

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The CHCTROM1 Champion Trombone case will fit the following: Bb Tenor Trombones, Bb/F Trombones, including Open Rap models. Also Large or small bore models will fit into the case as well. Unfortunately the case will not fit a Bass Trombone sized instrument. The case is lightweight, but tough construction to protect your instrument. Featuring padded backstraps with internal padding and breathable mesh (one zip pocket on outside of strap) that can be hidden behind a velcro or zipped cover. Therefore making it easier to carry around and keeping your hands free for carrying other items. Furthermore the outer layer uses a durable woven showerproof material to keep the instrument dry inside. The interior also features a plush velour fabric moulded into shape to keep the trombone nice and snug inside.
What we say about the CHCTROM1 Trombone case:
This is a great inexpensive lightweight case to carry your trombone to school, rehearsals or gigs.