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D Addario EJ63 Tenor Banjo Nickel String Set Gauge 9-30

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With the D Addario EJ63 Nickelplated tenor banjo string set, your banjo will give you a beautifully bright sound. In addition you will also notice the warm smooth feel to your performance. Furthermore they are ideal for tuning your 4-string banjo to CGDA. With loopend construction for a universal fit & also made in the USA for the highest quality and performance, you have a great set of strings from a top manufacturer. The gauge range is: Plain Steel .009, .016, Nickel Wound .023, .030.  
What we say about the EJ63 Tenor Banjo Strings:
D Addario are one of the world's leading string brand with years of experience in guitar, folk, classical and orchestral instrument string manufacturing. You can rely on their expertise in keeping you playing and sounding good with these tenor banjo strings.
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