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D'addario EJ43 Pro-Arté Nylon Classical Guitar Strings Light Tension

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EJ43 is the lightest tension available of D'Addario's best selling Pro-Arté series. Great for beginners or experienced players with a lighter touch, they also provide ease of play without sacrificing rich tone. Furthermore EJ43's contain silver wound on nylon bass strings with clear nylon trebles.
  • Light tension version of the best selling Pro-Art√© series
  • Laser sorted clear nylon treble strings for consistent, precise intonation
  • Precision wound basses for warm, projecting tone and the utmost consistency
  • String Gauges: Trebles .0275, .0317, .0397 Basses .028, .033, .042
  • Environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant packaging for strings that are always fresh
What we say about EJ43 Pro-Arté
D'addario Classical strings are great for ever player, whether they are a professional or a beginner. This is especially true for Pro-Arté as they have the best balance of tone, projection and comfortable feel. These strings will also emphasize unique tonal qualities of your guitar.