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duet box storage piano stool

Duet Box Storage Piano Stool

Available To Order, But Not In Stock
This duet box storage piano stool is one of the finest box storage stools we have ever sold. It is handcrafted in Britain using solid wood and finished to the highest standards. The fabric top gives the stool a very smart appearance, as well as being extremely comfy and supportive, a pleasure to sit on. In addition the box storage area is a practical solution to storing some of your favourite piano books neatly and efficiently. Although not an adjustable stool, the height was carefully selected to achieve a pleasurable playing position for most people. Furthermore the cherry wood satin colour and the ivory fabric top really compliment the overall appearance and finish. A beautiful and practical piano stool. When playing your piano whether a grand or upright, it is really important that you are sitting correctly and are well supported. To be able to achieve this it makes sense to choose this duet box storage piano stool. This creates the foundations to give you many hours of pleasure and enjoyment every single day.
Approximate dimensions:
Length: 950 mm Width: 360 mm Height: 550 mm Being handmade to order, there is obviously the time it takes to craft, build and deliver this stunning stool. Please allow at least 3 weeks when placing the order. Should there be a problem, due to holidays or quantity of orders, we would let you know an approximate delivery date once the order has been placed. Being handmade to order also has some major benefits. There is a variety of woods to choose from and you can select a different colour for the hide top. If you would like a price for different options, please phone our customer help line on 0141-572 6979 and we will be happy to help. If you prefer you can also drop an email to info@biggars.co.uk
what we say about the duet box storage piano stool:
One of the finest duet box storage piano stools we have had the pleasure in selling. This is a stool that exudes quality, craftsmanship and comfort. Handmade in Britain with high quality materials, a great foundation for your piano playing.