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EJ45 D'Addario Pro Arte Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings

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The EJ45 Pro-Art© nylon classical guitar strings are hugely popular with players and students alike. As well as being one of our top sellers they also feature on D'Addario's best selling list. When using the normal tension set you will have a beautiful balance to the volume as well as a comfortable resistance. Furthermore by laser sorting the clear nylon treble strings you achieve consistent and precise intonation. In addition the bass strings provide warmth, projection and the utmost consistency. Supplied in the following gauges: Trebles .0280, .0322, .0403 Basses .029, .35, .043
What we say about the EJ45 Classical Guitar Strings:
Consistently one of our best selling nylon guitar string sets, it really does speaks volumes to the quality you have at your fingertips.
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