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FC3A Yamaha Sustain Pedal Classic Piano Pedal Shape

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The Yamaha FC3 sustain pedal has that classic piano pedal shape to the design. Furthermore, if your piano or keyboard offers half-pedalling technique then the FC3A will operate this beautifully. The pedal itself features a strong spring with nice resistance. In addition it has a sturdy and robust casing which tends not to move around the floor when pressed. Reliably functional Reproduces the feel of the pedals of an acoustic piano. Featuring a rubber underside that prevents it from slipping when used, allowing the performer to immerse themselves in playing. Compatible with half-pedaling functions Compatible with half-pedaling functions, so that subtle changes can be made to the level of sustain by varying the degree of pedal applied. This allows players to deliver nuanced performances when playing with a piano voice, very close to those performed on an acoustic piano.
What we say about the FC3:
The FC3A pedal really delivers a reliable well balanced acoustic feel to a portable electronic sustain pedal. If you have a Yamaha instrument that offers this function, then treat yourself to one of these pedals.