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FC4A Yamaha Sustain Pedal Foot Switch Piano Shape

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The Yamaha FC4A is a classic piano pedal shape sustain pedal. Furthermore it makes a great start/stop foot switch for your Yamaha product. Rather than buy the smaller FC5 pedal (which tends to walk around the floor during operation) choose the FC4 instead. So if you are looking for something to be more enjoyable to use, look no further than this pedal. This is a great accessory to add sustain to your piano playing on the following product range: PSRE Keyboards, PSRS Keyboards, P-Series Portable Digital Pianos & NP Series instruments. If you require on/off or start/stop feature for your PSRS or Tyros keyboards the FC4A can accommodate this too. Always make sure your instrument has either a sustain socket or foot pedal socket on the rear before purchasing.
What we say about the FC4:
The FC4A pedal really does a great job of providing you with a durable and stable pedal to add sustain or control features to your Yamaha instrument.