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FC5 Yamaha Sustain Pedal Foot Switch Square Shape

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The Yamaha FC5 sustain pedal is a great addition for the PSR range of keyboards. Furthemore you can also use it as a foot controller for start/stop functions where this option is available. It is a very portable option and it features a specially designed rubber bottom that grips the floor. You may find due to the square shape that it has the tendency to walk across the floor when using. If you would like something more robust why not consider the FC4 pedal instead. This is a great accessory to add sustain to your piano playing on the following product range: PSRE Keyboards, PSRS Keyboards, P-Series Portable Digital Pianos & NP Series instruments. If you require on/off or start/stop feature for your PSRS or Tyros keyboards the FC4A can accommodate this too. Always make sure your instrument has either a sustain socket or foot pedal socket on the rear before purchasing.
What we say about the FC5:
If you are on a budget and want a reliable pedal to add some sustain or start/stop functions it will certainly do the job.