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Frontini Black Dot

Frontini Black Dot B/C Tuning Button Accordion Melodeon

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Frontini Black Dot B/C Tuning Button Accordion Melodeon
The Frontini Black Dot is a brilliant little 2 row button accordion. Tuned to B/C and perfect for Irish & Scottish traditional music. Furthermore, this style of Button Accordion, commonly known as a Melodeon, is hugely popular among folk players. In addition, The Frontini comes fitted with quality Czech reeds making this model stand out with its excellent tone and playability. Supplied with a padded rucksack style gig bag making it lightweight and portable to carry to sessions.
What we say about the Frontini B/C Button Accordion:
The Frontini will give you hours of entertainment. A brilliant little melodeon that you can enjoy at home or even taking to sessions.