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Hidersine Case Polycarbonate Viola Oblong Brushed Silver

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Hidersine Lightweight Viola Case That Will Fit Violas From 15" to 17".

Brushed Silver Satin Finish.

Adjustable support pad will support violas from 15" to 17".

L:81 x W:30 x D:16cm, 2.3kg

Lightweight Polycarbonate Shell ¥ Adjustable Velcro Support Pad ¥ Detachable Shoulder Straps ¥ Side Handle ¥ Internal detachable Compartment ¥ 4 Bow Holders ¥ Outer Zipped Pocket ¥ Neck Restraint ¥ Fleece Lining with Blanket ¥ Padded Supports ¥ 2 Combination Locks