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Hohner Big River Harp G Harmonica

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Lonesome melodies, driving rhythms, or the inimitable wailing sound of note bending: the Hohner Big River Harp G harmonica is perfect for conjuring up emotionally charged images. And it‚'s amazingly well suited to expressive styles of music such as folk, blues, rock, and pop. With the Big River Harp Series, from the MS series, you can explore them all. MS stands for Modular System, which means all components are completely compatible. The comb, reed and cover plates are interchangeable with all other MS series. This provides many possible combinations that suit your playing style.
What we say about the Big River Harp G
The Hohner Big River Harp is a fantastic harmonica, capable of keeping up with any player for any genre. The Big River Harp allows for expressive playing, with a bright tone for melody playing in the high register and an especially powerful articulation and 'rasping' quality for bending and riffing in the lower register compared to other harps in the Hohner range. It is this oustanding depth in the lower register that makes it particularly ideal for folk, country and blues playing. Furthermore the ability to change the comb, reeds and cover plates allows a certain degree of customization to suit anyones playing needs.