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Bravo III 72 Bass

Hohner Bravo III 72 Bass Blue Piano Accordion

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The Hohner Bravo III 72 bass piano accordion sets the gold standard for students and beginners. The musicality and reliability built into these instruments, offers performance features previously available only in considerably more expensive instruments. A good example is the Bravo 96 bass incorporating the T-keyboard mechanism, offering outstanding playability and ease of service. The hohner Bravo III 72 bass chromatic piano accordion is indeed a very versatile instrument. Your Right hand plays the piano keyboard, just as you would play on an acoustic piano. While the left hand operates the standard bass buttons, which is split into bass and chord rows. The playing of the right hand resembles the style of accompaniment traditionally given by a bass or rhythm guitar. Therefore the chromatic accordion player has actually three instruments available: A melodic instrument (right hand), a bass and a harmonic accompaniment (left hand) - and this for all the pitches and Keys. With great specification to suits most musical tastes the Bravo is a great all round performer. It has: 3 reeds, 34 melody keys, 5 treble switches, 2 bass registers. It also comes complete with straps and padded gigbag. Furthermore at weighing only 7.4 kg it is extremely lightweight, which is a huge benefit to play or carrying to gigs.
What we say about the Bravo III 72 Bass:

The musicality, the reliability and the price of the Bravo III 72 bass piano accordion makes it an ideal instrument for taking to lessons or playing at home. It produces a full and well balanced tone, but in addition is extremely lightweight at only 7.4 kg. Hohner accordions are world famous and have over 100 years of production to their name. The Bravo very much keeps this quality alive, combining quality craftsmanship with unbelievable value for money.