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Hohner Ozzy Osbourne Harmonica Signature Series

Hohner Ozzy Osbourne Harmonica Signature Series Key of C

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The Hohner Ozzy Osbourne Harmonica Signature Series comes packaged in a custom presentation box. Ozzy Osbourne and HOHNER teamed up to deliver the world's hardest rocking harmonica. Be part of the Prince of Darkness‚' journey and follow in his musical steps with this instrument. It features custom engraved black cover plates with Ozzy Osbourne's logo printed in gold. In addition the black see through acrylic comb looks incredible and offers a warm rich sound. The harmonica comes in the key of C and is perfect for fans, players and collectors alike. From his first career steps in a blues band, through the days with Black Sabbath up to his incredible, ongoing solo career, one instrument has always been Ozzy¬¥s companion ‚Äì a HOHNER harmonica.
Diatonic Harmonica:
The diatonic harmonica, also known as blues harp, offers simple major scales and chords. Special playing techniques like bendings and overbends extend the tonal range. Its sound is typical for blues, folk, and country, but also pop and rock. In addition these will normally be 10 holes and have a tonal range of about 3 octaves. These are small pocket sized instruments and great for carrying around. Extremely easy to produce a sound by simply blowing air or drawing air in through the holes with your mouth. The more you practice the better you will get and in fact be able to create a very versatile and complex sound.  
What we say about the Hohner Ozzy Osbourne Harmonica Signature Series:
Hohner have created an absolutely brilliant tribute to one of the world's most iconic artists. If you are a player, collector or simply just an enthusiast, this would be a great addition to your collection.