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Hohner Pro Harp Eb

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Powerful sound, rugged good looks and roadworthy durability. That‚'s the Hohner Pro Harp Eb. Often known as the Rock Harp, its all black design melds the airtight plastic comb of the Big River Harp with the cover form of the Blues Harp to create a potent combination, the perfect companion with which to venture into the world of rock music and add your own final touch to the sound of guitar riffs, bass and drums. Like all our MS instruments, it‚'s equally suitable for beginners and advanced players. MS stands for Modular System, which means all components are completely compatible to suit your playing style. The comb, reed and cover plates are interchangeable with all the other MS series harmonicas. The pure professional grade harp for rock performers, the Hohner Pro Harp Eb is the harp for you.
What we say about Hohner Pro Harp Eb
The Hohner Pro Harp is the go-to harmonica for rock and pop performers. One of the most versatile harmonicas on the market with outstanding intonation, it shines in any genre from heavy rock to country and jazz. The Pro Harp is particularly excellent for melodic playing in the higher register, with exceptional single-note clarity and sweet-sounding tone. Its powerful and dynamic projection allow it to hold its own among louder instruments and play softly in quiet passages. The Pro Harp is also equally suited to beginners, with a comfortable plastic comb that makes it easy to learn the basics such as 'note bending', chords and simple melody playing. For these reasons, the Pro Harp is ideal for gigging professionals and beginners alike.