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Hohner Silver Star C

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A harmonica can sound good in all situations. That‚'s why so many artists from rock, pop, and folk use it in their music. You can create beautiful sonic landscapes just with your breath and a little training, accompanying singing voices or playing solo. The Hohner Silver Star C, with the typical harmonica sound and classic design is perfect to convince yourself of the musical qualities and the cool looks a harmonica will add to your pop songs and folk tales. Discover the fascinating world of the harmonica and learn to play your favourite tunes with the Hohner Silver Star C!
What we say about Hohner Silver Star C
Designed with beginners in mind, the Hohner Silver Star is excellent for enthusiasts to learn the basics of harmonica playing. The Silver Star has reed plates recessed into the plastic comb for maximum playing comfort. This makes it easy and pleasant for harmonica novices to learn on. With a bright and sweet-sounding tone, it is the perfect harmonica to play along to simple folk and pop tunes. At a cheap price, the Hohner Silver Star is the ideal budget harp to help you fall in love with the sounds of the harmonica.