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Jose Ferrer 5208 Estudiante 4/4 Size Guitar

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Designed for students by guitar teachers, the Jose Ferrer 5208A Estudiante series offer the beginner everything they could need to start their musical journey. A good quality laminate body guitar with rosewood fingerboard and nickel fretting should get every player off the ground. This is especially true with its easy to play set up. Found in tens of thousands of homes, schools and teaching facilities around the world, Joses Ferrer guitars are a staple for student guitars. This model is also available in 1/2 size, and 3/4 size. See 5208C, and 5208B.
What we say about the 5208A Estudiante
UK guitar professionals helped design this guitar to make a really great and affordable student guitar. The instrument is solid, with the ability to take a bash or two and survive. It's a comfortable guitar that should be easy to play for beginners. Especially relevant is the differing sizes for this model. Therefore, smaller individuals will still be able to play the guitar.