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Yamaha x L125 Black Cabinet Stand For P125 Portable Piano

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The Yamaha L125 black cabinet stand turns your portable P125 piano into a very stylish looking instrument. The stand attaches to the P125 piano via 4 screws. Therefore you have an instrument that is much more stable to play and also provides a little more knee room over a typical x-frame stand. In addition, once you have added this stylish stand, you could also add the LP1 pedal unit to complete a beautiful furnished package. Although a foldable x-style stand can be really practical in the sense of taking your P125 to gigs or indeed storing it away, there is a tendency for a slight wobble when playing. Therefore adding this stand allows for a more solid base and stable playing environment. You require a little self assemble to attach the 2 solid wooden legs and support beam together to form the stand. You will also notice some pre-drilled holes on the support beam to attach the LP1 3 pedal unit. This is another accessory worth adding if you want to immerse yourself in the full grand piano experience.
What we say about the Yamaha L125 black stand:
The L125 stand turns the portable P125 digital piano into a slimine, modern looking cabinet piano. The perfect addition for using at home in the living room, study or bedroom. The main image we use shows the P125 sitting in position attached to the stand. Please remember that this product page is for purchasing the stand only. The P125 needs to be purchased separately.