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MK Kelpie Low D Whistle Black Coloured Body

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The MK Kelpie represents one of the best value high quality Low D Whistles in the world. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn some of your favourite tunes, a traveller looking to play some music as you go, or a session musician looking for second instrument that'll always survive a wild pub session (even if you don't) then look no further. The MK Kelpie Low D whistle is made from aluminium and anodised black. This a single piece non-tunable whistle that is both economical and robust. It benefits from many of the features of the MK Pro. The airway is curved and tapered to give a good back pressure whilst also ensuring it doesn't clog up. In addition, the toneholes are positioned and cut precisely to be in tune and easy to reach. The mouthpiece is turned on Swiss precision lathes, rather than bent or formed into shape, so that each instrument is made to a consistently high standard. Each one comes with a thick wool felt bag. Features: • Playability balanced towards beginners and intermediate players, making the instrument more accessible • Curved and chamfered airway stops blocking • Solid "take anywhere" one-piece construction • Same craftsmanship as on all MK whistles • Tapered airway creates the right balance of back pressure and air requirement
MK Kelpie Low D Whistle
What we say:
You will not only enjoy hearing and playing the MK Kelpie Low D whistle, but in addition, you will certainly stand out from the crowd due to this beautiful black coloured body finish. The MK Kelpie Low D Whistle is a non tuneable model. Consequently a real pleasure to play and own.