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MK Pro Low G Tuneable Whistle Black Coloured Body

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The MK Pro Low G Tuneable Whistle is one of the finest Low G whistles in the world. Furthermore the tone and playability are second to none producing great air flow and balanced back pressure, as a result this makes it a pleasure to play and own. Launched in 2003 from a workshop near the banks of Loch Ness Scotland. The MK Pro has since become a firm favourite with musicians around the world. The tone, playability and appearance have set it apart from the crowd. MK have Avoided corner-cutting processes like moulding, casting or pressing. Consequently it is simply just down to superb craftsmanship and design that has made this such an incredible instrument. The MK tuneable whistle is undoubtedly many players‚' favourite key. The MK strikes a superb balance between the full-bodied tone of its bigger brothers and the playability of the higher whistles. It is most of all at home in the following keys:G, Em, C, Dmod Mixolydian Mode, Am. And finally at a push you can play in the keys of: D,F.
What we say about the MK Pro Low G Tuneable Whistle:
You will not only enjoy hearing and playing the MK Pro Low G tuneable whistle, but in addition, you will certainly stand out from the crowd due to this beautiful Black coloured body finish.