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NP12 Black Yamaha NP Piaggero Series Portable Keyboard

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The Yamaha NP12 black Piaggero is a lightweight portable piano style keyboard with 61 notes and also touch response. This model is ideally suited for somebody looking to play piano for the first time or needs something extremely light to carry around. Featuring a 61 note keyboard with piano size keys and also built in speakers, it is a great cost effective way to learn to play piano. Furthermore if you need a lightweight fun instrument to take to a gig it is also worth considering.

Remember you do not have a piano weighted action or the full range of 88 notes. From the first note, Piaggero will amaze you with its compact size and the high quality voices it features. In addition to the beautiful, rich tones sampled from one of Yamaha‚'s finest concert grand pianos, you also have sweet electric pianos. It doesn't stop there though, as you have other great sounding voices that are fun to play.

What we say about the NP12 Black:

If you are looking for a self contained lightweight practice instrument this may well be for you. You can also operate the NP12 via batteries, really making it an instrument for any occasion. Wither you are learning to play or gigging, it is definitely worth checking out!!