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Peavey Nashville 112 Steel Amp

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Engineered for both performances and recording sessions, the Nashvilleª 112 provides 80 watts of power and a specially voiced 12" Blue Marvel¨ speaker, pre-EQ patch send and return, footswitchable effects loop and reverb, preamp output, power-amp input patch capability and modified active low, mid, mid shift, high and presence tone controls. After nearly four decades, the Peavey Nashville is still the standard for country musicÕs top steel players.

Compact size, all-plywood enclosure ¥ DDTª compression speaker protection ¥ Pre-EQ patch send return for volume pedal patch ¥ Footswitchable post-EQ effects loop ¥ Modified active low, mid, mid/shift, high and presence EQ ¥ Preamp out/CD in and power amp in patch ¥ Footswitchable effects and reverb ¥ Master gain control ¥ Headphone input jack that defeats internal speaker for quiet rehearsal ¥ 80 watts, 12Ó Blue Marvel¨ speaker (specially voiced for steel).
Dimensions (HxWxD): 18.125Ó x 21.375Ó x 9Ó / 460.4mm x 543mm x 228.6mm ¥ Weight: 42.3lbs / 19.6kg