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Peavey Sanpera Pro Footcontroller

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The perfect companion for the VYPYR Pro, PeaveyÕs updated Sanpera¨ Pro foot controller unlocks all the power of the VYPYR Pro. Utilising dual expression pedals, which can be assigned to the default setting (volume on left, wah on right), or to any other stomp or effects parameter, the Sanpera Pro foot controller is also range definable! The foot controller also features a boost switch, tap tempo, a chromatic tuner, and looper controls that allow users to generate multitrack loops.

Two expression pedals ¥ Direct access to all four models, plus delay and reverb ¥ Boost switch ¥ Tap Tempo ¥ Chromatic tuner ¥ Full looper controls ¥ Expression pedal assignable to any parameter and range definable ¥ Self-powered via VYPYR¨ amplifier ¥ MIDI output for connecting to outboard MIDI gear, including the AT-200 guitar.
NOTE: additional software required, available at www.autotuneforguitar.com