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Preludio C30

Pigini Preludio C30 72 Bass Button Accordion

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Pigini Preludio C30 Black 72 Bass Button Accordion hand made in Italy
Pigini is a specialist accordion maker established in Italy around 1946 and produces some absolutely stunning instruments. The Preludio C30 Button Accordion is a fine example of high quality craftsmanship at its best. As a result you have a beautiful tone and a fine instrument that you will simply enjoy playing. The Pigini C30 is a 72 bass button accordion. Featuring a 5 Row button layout with 50 treble buttons. Furthermore its 2 voice set up and 3 right hand registers, really gives you a flexible instrument. In addition the bass produces a wonderful tone with its 4 voice set up. This is a great little instrument, compact in design and weighing only 6 Kg, it is definitely one you can take on the road with you.
What we say about the Pigini C30 black 72 Bass Button Accordion:
The C30 is a really flexible button accordion covering a variety of genres and styles. A lovely instrument for the accordion enthusiast.