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PSRE463 Yamaha PSR Series Portable Keyboard

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The Yamaha PSRE463 is one of the best entry level keyboard for performing various styles of music, from the latest hits to vinyl favorites. It has a 61-key touch responsive keyboard along with powerful on-board speakers. You will also will find easy-to-use professional features like assignable Live Control knobs, Quick Sampling, Groove Creator and also a USB Audio Recorder.


Yamaha has a proud history of manufacturing just about every kind of musical instrument. Therefore when it comes to reproducing the sound of these instruments on the keyboard you will find it of high quality and extremely detailed. In addition PSRE463 features a comprehensive library of 758 instrument Voices that will allow you to enjoy playing any musical genre.

You can quickly capture audio from an external audio source and also assign the sampled sound to the keyboard. You can play back 3 types of sample formats as part of your performance. Normal: The pitch of the sound varies depending on the key you play. Loop: The sample is played in a loop without changing the pitch. One-shot: The sample is played only once without changing the pitch.
  • 758 high quality voices including Sweet! and Cool! voices, with 48-note polyphony
  • Quick Sampling function - 5 sample (1 Normal type + 4 One shot/Loop type) Max 9.6 sec/sample
  • Groove Creator function - 35 grooves, 5 sections(4 main +1 Musical Climax)
  • 235 auto accompaniment Styles
  • USB Audio Recorder - 80 minutes. (.wav)
  • 6W + 6W amplifiers with 12 cm Bass Reflexed speakers
  • Assignable real-time Control Knobs, DSP Effects, and Pitch Bend
  • Connectivity with audio and MIDI capabilities
What we say about the PSRE463
If you have never played keyboard before or are looking for something to have a whole lot of fun with, then you should consider this as your first option. Producing a great sound from the in-built speakers and kitted out with sounds, styles and recording features, you will never stop playing it!!