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Planet Waves By D'Addario


PW-MD-10 D'Addario 10ft Planet Waves Custom Series Midi Cable

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The D'Addario PW-MD-10 10ft midi cable is part of the custom series planet waves range of products. Featuring five pin gold-plated plugs at each end, and also coming with a very useful 10ft length of cable. The PWMD10 is a high quality midi cable and is a perfect choice for plugging into your midi guitar, keyboard, synthesizer or stage piano. The 10ft length also offers a lot more flexibility in your set up. The D'Addario PWMD10 Custom Series 5-foot MIDI cable features five pins and gold-plated plugs for superior data transfer. Exclusive D'Addario over-moulded connectors provide extra protection with unmatched strain relief. D'Addario MIDI cables provide maximum durability and worry-free reliability. Two layers of shielding provide 100% coverage for superior insulation and noise rejection, making this the ultimate, high-performance cable for error-free data transmission. Designed for the discerning musician and demanding situations, D'Addario offers a cable line built to last. In addition, it also accurately transfers your data and signal. Ordinary Midi cables can cause data transmission errors and failures due to inferior construction and inadequate strain relief. Utilizing the latest in cable manufacturing technology, the PWMD05 features ultra pure oxygen free copper conductors, encapsulated soldering points, two layers of impenetrable noise rejecting shielding. Furthermore, gold plated contacts are fitted at both ends to deliver the ultimate high performance Midi cable and corrosion resistance.
What we say about the D'Addario PW-MD-10 Midi Cable:
The Custom Series range are high quality cables perfect for on stage, home and also in the studio. D'Addario cables are also available in a range of different lengths and end plugs. Check out other options on our website or pop into the store.