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PW-P047E D'Addario Planet Waves Stereo Headphone Adaptor

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The D'Addario PW-P047E stereo headphone adaptor is a high quality connector from the planet waves range of D'Addario products. This adaptor allows you to convert your small headphone jack into a large jack. Therefore you can use the same set of headphones on a variety of different products. Listening to music on your mobile device using the small jack on your headphones and then want to play your keyboard or digital piano next, no problem, just unplug your headphone jack and attach this adaptor to the end and you are good to go. The D'Addario stereo male 1/4" to stereo female 1/8" features durable polymer overmold for extra protection and easy gripping. Furthermore, comes fully shielded with 24 karat gold plated contacts for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance. There are many products on the market that use a 6.35mm (1/4") large jack headphone socket. Some examples: Portable Keyboards, Synthesizers, Stage Pianos, Digital Pianos and Guitar Amplifiers. Most of us own a set of headphones with the small jack 3.5mm ( 1/8"). Therefore the D'Addario PWP047E headphone adaptor is a necessity to be able to use the same set of headphones on those other products.
What we say about the D'Addario PW-P047E headphone adaptor:
This is a high quality adaptor that will do a brilliant job in changing your small headphone jack into a large jack. There are cheaper alternatives on the market that simply will not do as good a job as this one. Treat yourself to a little bit of quality and at the same time increase your audio enjoyment.