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RLA0330 Rico D'Addario Strength 3 Baritone Sax Reeds 3 Pack

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The RLA0330 Rico by D'Addario Baritone Sax Reeds come as 3 single reeds, strength 3 and supplied in one handy package. Rico by D'Addario reeds come unfiled and feature a thinner profile and blank. Designed for ease of response, therefore ideal for students, revered by educators worldwide, and are a favorite among jazz musicians. D‚'Addario‚'s state-of-the-art machinery and reed-making process have resulted in unprecedented consistency in today‚'s Rico reed.
What we say about Rico RLA0330:
Rico Orange Baritone saxophone reeds are an ideal choice for students. They are easier to play and also priced affordably. Therefore perfect for educators and parents alike.