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Stephanelli 2 Row Melodeon Tuned B/C Includes Case

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The Stephanelli 2 Row Melodeon is a lovely little instrument and great for travelling with. Tuned to the popular B/C setting, making it great for Scottish and Irish music, it produces a lively, rich tone. Furthermore, the German reeds inside also provide more reliability and extra quality. In addition plastic valves give the 2 row an incredible response when played. As a result of brilliant bellow compression and all the other features, you have a wonderful all round instrument. The Stephanelli also comes complete with straps and a hard wooden case, thus protecting the instrument when not in use or gigging.
What we say about the Stephanelli 2 Row Melodeon:
The 2 Row melodeon is proving as popular as ever. This is a great instrument for Scottish and Irish music being tuned to B/C. Designed by Steve Clinkscale (from the borders of Scotland), it has already built up a great reputation from beginners to players alike.