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TGI81 TGI Chromatic Digital ClipOn Tuner Vibration Detection

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The TGI81 clip on chromatic digital tuner is a brilliant little tuner for the money. Being a chromatic tuner you can use it on a whole range of instruments not just guitar. Furthermore it is easy to use and has an accurate tuning range from A0-C8. Simply clip the tuner onto the instrument or guitar headstock. Then the little sensory pad shows you the not on the display by picking up vibrations created from the instrument. As a result of using vibrations for tuning no external noise interferes with the process. The tuner is ideal for carrying around with it's small dimensions: L: 30mm, W: 55mm, D: 12mm.
What we say about the TGI81:
The TGI81 is a great little tuner, small enough to fit in your pocket and accurate enough for great results.
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