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Trevor James


Trevor James Renaissance Bb Trumpet 8500SP Bright Silver Plate

Available To Order, But Not In Stock

“A bright and zingy trumpet with extra bit of sizzle and shine!, the TJTR8500SP design harks back to the classic tumpet designs of the 20th century with features such as the mount vernon style receiver, the French bead bell rim & accute angled leadpipe to bell stays”

Bore size: 0.465” (11.8mm) 

Bell diameter: 4.92” (125mm)

Valve material: stainless steel

Slides: cupronickel

Bell material: yellow brass

Finish: bright silver plate

Leadpipe: rose brass

Mouthpiece: Trevor James 3C mouthpiece

Water keys: 2

Brace: TJ acoustic

Case: Backpack style case with TJ logo

1st valve thumb saddle/ fixed 3rd valve ring