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Trevor James


Trevor James Vivace by Kurioshi 3FV-EW Beginners Student Flute Outfit

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The Vivace by Kurioshi Flute outfit is a stunning example of a good first flute at a great price. The Kurioshi range of Vivace instruments are widely accepted by teachers as an excellent value-for-money starter instrument.

  • Extremely responsive head joint - ideal for beginners 
  • Silver-plated body and mechanism 
  • Open Hole  •  Split E mechanism as standard 
  • Excellent for new players 
  • Yellow double-skin pads with careful attention to the padding process 
  • High quality mechanism springs 
  • Hard outer case to protect instruments 
  • Case with strap 
  • Durable construction - important to new players.

Supplied in wood case and with black case cover

What we say about the Vivace 3FKVE:
Trevor James provide a brilliant range of woodwind instruments to suit beginners as well as for the more advanced players. The Vivace is really a great choice for the beginner. With the Vivace, you have the safety net of not breaking the bank, but still having a reliable instrument.