U3 Yamaha U3AS Pre-Owned Upright Piano Polished Ebony
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U3 Yamaha U3AS Pre-Owned Upright Piano Polished Ebony

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A beautiful Yamaha U3 second hand traditional upright piano in a polished ebony cabinet. This model is a U3AS with sostenuto pedal. The Yamaha U3 is consistently chosen as the instrument for music institutions, schools, and colleges. With it's wonderful tone, responsive action and large cabinet, it really makes it ideal for performing with small ensembles, choirs and also solo performances giving you a huge range of dynamics. Furthermore this piano benefits from having a sostenuto pedal as standard. The sostenuto pedal allows you to sustain certain notes on the keyboard while the others remain unaffected. You simply play the desired notes, then depress the pedal. The selected notes will resonate until the pedal is released. This way, you hear the sustained notes already played alongside notes played with a staccato effect. Height: 131 cm Length: 154 cm Depth: 65 cm Pedals: 3 (Soft, Sostenuto, Sustain)
What we say about the Yamaha U3:
This is a lovely example of the beautiful Yamaha U3 upright piano. The serial number dates it to Circa 1987. The new list price for a Yamaha U3 in Polished Ebony is £10,683.00, so even though this is second hand model it is an incredible bargain.