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Wittner 2181 Traditional Metronome Mahogany Includes Bell Chime

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The Wittner 2181 traditional pyramid metronome is one of our most popular metronomes with bell. It has the traditional pendulum and weight for time keeping and produces an accurate tick tock for tempo. In addition the mahogany coloured finish makes the durable plastic body look like a real wood effect. With a traditional metronome you do not require batteries, you have a mechanical mechanism you wind up with a key. Another great feature of a traditional metronome over a digital model, is the fact you get to watch the swing of the pendulum as you play, and that in itself aids time keeping. Wittner is regarded as one of the finest mechanical metronome manufacturers & have stood the test of time. This model also has a bell for the first beat of the bar and the chime helps you to keep track. If you require the bell to sound you slide out a little lever to activate the chime.
What we say about the 2181:
The 2181 is an elegant looking traditional mechanical metronome. The plastic body with the mahogany colour really does set it apart from cheaper alternatives. Furthermore it benefits from having the option of a bell to chime on the 1st beat of the bar. Lovely craftsmanship coming from a highly respected maker such as Wittner, it should give you many years of happy time keeping.